Production – en

Production – en

From the design to the finished eyewear

Our factory is quickly receptive to the special needs of our partner-clients and we respond effectively and competitively. Our eyewear manufacturing experience is a guarantee for the highest quality, the most efficient service, and timely delivery. We start from the technical CAD design, the prototype, and then the 3D which will program the specialized machinery and equipment.

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The iVision Eyewear departments

Office and Planning

Fronts: CNC Milling

Temples: CNC Milling

laser processing

Fronts and Temples cutting

Fronts: Hinges application



Quality Control

Fronts: lamination and curvature

Temples: shaping and inserting wire core

Sun and demo lenses cutting


Temple processing

In the cutting and thicknessing department, temples are obtained from the raw acetate sheets ready for processing. From every acetate sheet, temples are shaped using automatic and manual SEIT machines, used for the insertion of the core. Holes and decorations are performed with Brother machines. The extraordinary processing of the tumbling transmits to the product shine and brilliance, unique characteristics of acetate.

eyewear occhiali

Frame processing

After cutting and thicknessing, the temples are ready for processing from the rough acetate sheets. Then these are glued, using ultrasound or acetone glue, acetate dowels to obtain the nose pads and screws. From the acetate sheet, the shapes of the front are shaped thanks to our 12 CMS Monofast, very modern 5-axis CNC milling machines. The hinges to which the temples will be assembled are hot inserted on the frames. This latter moves on to the tumbling phase which transmits gloss and brilliance to the product, the unique characteristics of acetate.

Assembly & Finishing

The high competence of our workers guarantees the completion of the product in the assembly and finishing phases. In these areas the processing of the product is completed with frontal menication, lens cutting, glued or assembly of decorations or gaskets, lasering of logos on temples or lenses. The assembly of the eyewear is completed on the finishing lines.
Through the traceability phase, we can uniquely mark the single product,
with a capacity of 7,000 pieces per day.

We create, you select

We give our customers the opportunity to choose acetate from a vast range of colors and textures. From this, iVision Eyewear creates the model and proceeds to the creation of the eyewear according to the needs of its customers.

eyewear occhiali
eyewear occhiali
eyewear occhiali

We offer

Individual processes based on clients’ needs

Complete production: from design to packaging, according to customer needs

We guarantee

Competitive Lead Times

Dedicated production

Made in Italy

Do you want to produce your eyewear?

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